WFW Waldburg Forstmaschinen Wolfegg

The company Waldburg Forstmaschinen GmbH was established on July 1993. As independent GmbH WFW was separated within the entrepreneurial group of the prince house Waldburg Wolfegg as framework place for forestry machineries. At that time WFW was contract dealer of the importeur for Timberjack in South Germany. A small clientele was developed to one more largely becoming customer master. EIn November 1994 Mr. Klaus Reichenbach was obliged for the position as managing director for WFW. To the moment of that time WFW had 5 employees, already an own workshop with 3 service boxes, an own spare parts store and business premises. 1997 after contract ending with the Timberjack products it came to a new adjustment of WFW. Aim and Philosophy of Klaus Reichenbach was and is it, to offer a wider palett all around the forest engines for the forest engines entrepreneur. So appeared among other things already 1996 the idea to develop own special low loader for forest engines. The idea and concept of the Firm WFW was taken up from the Firm Empl in Austria and since then successfully selled.

In the course of the years have 7 products, Or. main points itself for the Firm WFW strengthened:
  • Tigercat (Hemek): Wheel Harvester, Forwarder and Skidder
  • Waratah: Harvesterheads, Cranes, Mess and Control Computers
  • MHT-Neuson: Trackharvester
  • Bruks: Mobil Chipper
  • Forus: Wood Crusher
  • Empl: Special Low Loader
  • Used Machines: Trade, Repair and Spare Parts-Main point Timberjack
Also the spare parts trade has since 1993 strongly extendet and developed. So has WFW more than 8.000 part positions on stock-predominantly for used Timberjack engines and the own new engines products Tigercat, Waratah, MHT-Neuson, Bruks, Forus and Empl.

Since 1994 land and property belong to Klaus Reichenbach and since that time he is the only manager of the company.

Already 1 year after the assumption in the year 2000 the concern extended clearly. So in Autumn the new workshop, the spare parts and office rooms, as well as the own testparcours and the used engines place became consecrate.

In the interval the working area extends on briefly 10.000m², a big workshop with 7 boxes, 3 hall cranes, 4 quarries, own hydraulic room, big spare part stock and accessory shop as well as technical training room with own simulators (DASA 380, Timberjack 3000, Timbermatc 300, Motomit 4) and friendly office and sales rooms.

On the working area are constantly more than 30 new and used forest engines (wheel and track harvester, Harvester heads, Forwarder, Mobil Chipper, Wood Crusher and Low Loader) availably.

An essential strength of WFW is the famous WFW-Service, which is concentrated to an highly-qualified technical service and in addition by one to extensive ones part service incl. the unique WFW-Bringservice, as well as the intensive sales and consultation service incl. leasing, hire purchase and financing service the offer rounded. The own forest engine rentpark is for short term demand very flexible and mobil for WFW customers.

The meanwhile 20-headed WFW Team shows an high customers orientation and gets on as service provider under the motto 'Customers focus'